Projects: Interior Architecture and Space Planning

We are not 'Interior Designers' we specialise in Interior Architecture, and the integration of interior spaces within the building. Good buildings are not just objects with an external appearance; they are spaces that function together as a design experience.

We have a wealth of experience desgining internal spaces, this may range from;-

  • Refurbishment proposals across all sectors that can incude individual room design, whole premises refurbishment, including furniture selection, specialist fitting design, lighting selection, as well as :-
  • The specification of internal finishes - be this carpets, tiling, ceilings, colours, textures
  • New staircase design, be this basic A to B, or bespoke
  • Vistas
  • Signage and wayfinding,
  • Door and screen design
  • Fixtures and fittings specification and design
  • Reception desks [this can look like something from the control desk on the USS Enterprise, to a desk that provides basis facilities for a Reception]
  • Bars, cafeterias, catering establishments, refectories.

We also regularily look at Space planning for our Clients : - looking at how they may plan the layout of spaces, furniture, equipment.

The largest space planning project we have worked on is the Governments Job Centre Plus roll out programme:- A two year excercise working with Project Managers, Contractors, M&E Consultants to refurbish the UK Job Centres. and apply Job Centre plus branding.

The smallest space planning excercise - our own offices.

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