Projects: Listed Buildings and Conservation

We have a wealth of experience working with:- Listed Buildings, buildings of Historic significance, Conservation Projects, or buildings in the curtilage of Listed Buildings. The principal has some 25 years experince working in this sector. The practice now also employs a Conservation Specialist.

We are of the view that historic buildings need to be repaired, cherished and conserved; but we are also of the opinion that they should not fall into disrepair if a new use can be found for them.

Our experince involves the following:-

  • Refurbishment of a Listed Gazebo to bring it back into use
  • Student Accomodation Concersion Scheme Design of a former Retial Store
  • Barn Conversion to provide Residential Dwellings
  • Barn Conversion to form Holiday Letting Accomodation
  • Conversion of a former Pumping Station into Residential Loft Style Apartments
  • Conversion of part of a Pumping Station into a Conference Centre, Restaurant and Cafeteria
  • Barn Conversion to form an Arts Studio
  • Re-roofing of a Hospital whilst Wards and Outpatient and Clinical DEpartments remain open, works carried out with materials sympathetic to Listed Buildings including bringing the roof up to current part L standards.
  • Extension to Residential Dwellings within the curtilage of a Listed Building or Heritage Asset
  • Conversion and upgrading to provide high spec office accomodtion
  • Introduction of atriums to provide light into deep plan office space
  • Conversion of a former picture house into an Arts Centre
  • Conversion of the Public records office to provide a Library and Information Centre
  • Conversion of former Government council office and chambers to Educational premises.
  • Refurbishment of cafeterias and restaurants
  • Lateral converstion of large Town Houses in central london to provide Public Sector flats
  • Lateral converstion of large Town Houses in central london to provide high spec apartments
  • Wholesale refurbishemnt of Office accomodation including finishes, fixtures, replacement toielt accomodation, ceiling repairs, joinery repairs, and new services and lighting
  • Sourcing fixtures missing or stolen and replacement with similar pieces from the same period.
  • Condition surveys
  • Stone repairs - specification and identification
  • Window repairs and replacement

Upated January 2020

Webberley: Student Accomodation

Moss House Barns

Stockton Brook Waterworks

The Fenns Art Studio

Sugar Well Farm

Hassall Road

Stone Social Centre

Braywick House: Maidenhead

Hodge House Cardiff

Cadogan Place

Colosseum Terrace

Cambridge Gate

Cockspur Street

Institute of Arbitrators

The Crown Estate Offices

Upper Grosvenor St

Cardiff Uni: Glamorgan Buildings

Kings College: Library and Info Centre

Centre Point

The Diorama Arts Centre

Portland Square

Kings Business Park